Thursday, October 30, 2014

2013 Hot Wheels High

I mentioned in a previous post about a local K-Mart that appears to be replenishing the pegs with 2013-2013 Hot Wheels periodically, where I found this Hot Wheels High. The body is cast in yellow plastic, the base in black metal- a unique and fun twist on the classic school bus, a vehicle I'm fond of. I've said before that yellow isn't my favorite color for toy cars, but the school bus and construction vehicles are exceptions, likely due to childhood associations with the color of these vehicles.

The body is slightly flanged on the HW High, like a race car, with two large vac-metal turbines in back, the interior and front grill finished in chrome alike...

There are two sun roof panels atop the bus, where the vac-metal seats can be seen through the clear smoke windows- love that! I'm unsure why Mattel cast the body in plastic, but it's still a cool school bus...

While stylistically very different from my Matchbox Field Tripper, the two make a fun pair of amped-up fantasy buses!

The Hot Wheels High and Matchbox Field Tripper with my childhood Tomica Pocket Cars School Bus...

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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