Saturday, October 25, 2014

HW Showroom 2013 '57 Chevy & Shoe Box

While picking up the 2013 Ford F-150 & Mad Propz featured in my last post, I found these two HW Showroom models from the same year: a '57 Chevy and a Shoe Box. Again, I've had great luck finding 2013-2012 models a local K-Mart seems to keep restocking the pegs with. These two castings make a stunning pair in their complementary color schemes...

This HW '57 Chevy looks a lot like the 1977 "Flying Colors" debut in it's coloring! I had the black '78 release as a child, a favored casting of my youth. I always liked the squared off nose and fins on this model, and still do to this day. Love the big chrome bumpers on these cars...

The Shoe Box is based on 1949 Custom Club Coupe, and features an 8-cylinder engine blown through the hood. Hot Wheels Wikia only shows the metallic red version of this casting, but I like the way this cobalt variant sets off the flame graphics!

My Race Team '56 Flashsider compliments the classic car looks of the Shoe Box and '57 Chevy quite nicely, wouldn't you agree? 

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