Sunday, October 26, 2014

Childhood Tomica Castings

Among my collection of childhood diecast were these highly realistic Tomica cars, released in North America through Tomy Corp. as "Pocket Cars" from 1974-1986. I likely got ahold of these in the early '80s, and remember having a few more that these four- certainly a Cadillac ambulance, a Toyota Celica Turbo, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and maybe a VW Rabbit. Their detailed appointments and hinged doors appealed to greatly, and though I played with them vigorously as my Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars, I remember thinking they were something special...

Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, 1976
I always liked the long body of this blue Caddie, which played the role of VIP transport in my childhood diecast adventures. I didn't wipe these down too much after finding them at Mom's house over the recent Labor Day weekend- I think there's a cobweb in the driver's side door of this one if you look closely ...!

1981 Cadillac Seville
This is the single casting without a year stamped on the undercarriage- I'm unsure if it has to do with having been released in the North American market on the "Pocket Cars" blister card, nor do I clearly recall the packaging on any of these when purchased. I did faintly remember the series at retail however, and upon some internet investigation realize they must indeed be Pocket Cars for me to have gotten ahold of them out here in the Midwest. Finding an image of the carded Seville pictured to the right sparked my memory of the denim pocket card these came on...

School Bus, 1976
I've said before that yellow isn't one of my favorite colors for a diecast vehicle, yet oddly I do gravitate toward school buses, perhaps in memory of my elementary school days. As a youngster, I rode on a bus almost exactly like this one, and was fascinated by the vehicle's operation. It was so big!

Honda Civic, 1974
This was a neat little car that survived pretty well! It doesn't have the same numbering as my other Pocket Cars which start with an "F" (foreign), numbering up to 70, which may have to do with it being a Japanese car.

Visit the Tomica Pocket Cars Database I found online for more background on these!

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