Tuesday, October 28, 2014

HW 1980 Greyhound Bus

According to Hot Wheels Wikia, this Greyhound was the first of three, produced in Hong Kong before production moving to Malaysia in the same year, and then to Mexico in '83 for it's final appearance. Ironically, Greyhound suffered a widespread driver's strike for nearly two months at the end of that same year. I don't remember if I received it for a birthday or Christmas, but it was a favorite to roll down the ramps of my Hot Wheels City playset. It's a hefty, all diecast piece with a dual axle in back, and deceptively plain. The tiny paneling lines & rivets in the body add realism to the bus, and am ashamed to say, I don't think I ever noticed the wipers cast onto the plastic, dual-paned windshields. Nice! Hot Wheels isn't the only company to released a miniature based on the MC-8 "Americruiser", introduced by Greyhound in 1973, 2,100 of which were delivered by 1979 (Greyhound.Com). Mine is pretty beat up but getting a replacement, even in gently worn shape, can be costly...

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