Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 L-Case Haulinator

Another great example of the Hot Wheels design team's great fantasy models, the Haulinator! I love the ramp extension feature on this casting, and am also a fan of the HW Backslider & HW Fastbed Hauler for their similar gimmick.

Below, the 2017 L-Case Haulinator with the red 2016 P-Case Haulinator and green 2015 N-Case Haulinator...

Does the 2015 G-Case Datsun Bluebird Wagon fit well with the 2017 L-Case Haulinator or what ...?

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

HW Car Culture/Porsche Series '78 Porsche 935-78

I'm unsure why I passed on the first Car Culture Track Day Series '78 Porsche 935-78 when I already had the 2015 Porsche Series casting, but I was lucky enough to find one after picking up the new Race Day Series with the MOMO livery! Check out the video:

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

HW 2017 El Viento

Hot Wheels 2017 El Viento, from the D and J-Cases!
Check out the video:

As the card back graphic suggests, the El Viento has a removable canopy, fully exposing the cockpit and engine bay...

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

HW CCM Country Club Muscle (2017 J-Case)

I've said before that I'm not keen on Hot Wheels cars with plastic bodies, but there have been some exceptions, some of the X-Raycers Series cars for instance. I had mixed feelings with my first CCM Country Club Muscle, due in part to the neon green base color, but I did like the sculpt and sporty deco. After passing on this J-Case CCM a few times, I finally had to pick one up for a comparison. 

A comparison with my first CCM Country Club Muscle from the 2014 Mystery Models line...

As adult collectors, we often forget these are made for kids, and overlook what creative fantasy models the team at Hot Wheels have designed. Sure, I'd like to have this with a diecast body, but any kid would love this big, sporty car to send down the track!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

HW Batmobile & Batboat

In memory of recently departed actor Adam West, this HW Classic TV Series Batmobile & Batboat in 1:50 scale I picked up last summer. I've said before that the camp was lost on me watching the syndicated reruns as a boy in the '70s, seeing only the colorful adventures of my favorite heroes, the Dynamic Duo. I'm sure I can speak for my generation when I say that while I was a big fan of multiple incarnations of the character, Adam West was my first Batman. Check out the video:

Friday, June 9, 2017

HW 2017 Mystery Models Furiosity & Mazda Furai

I couldn't resist trying a couple more  of the HW 2017 Mystery Models, picking up the Furiosity & Mazda Furai this time. I favor the latter, but the Furiosity has a certain 'Tooned quality with it's exaggerated styling I think is fun. Check out the video:

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

HW 2017 Racing Circuit Series '70 Pontiac Firebird

I found all the HW 2017 Racing Circuit Series castings, but have so far only picked up a couple due to the $2.14 price tag- a dubious value for what is otherwise a standard mainline car. That said, I like the card art, and this '70 Pontiac Firebird reminded me of the white HW Race livery from around 2014. Check out the video:

HW 2017 Racing Circuit Series '70 Pontiac Firebird  and '69 Pontiac GTO...

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