Saturday, July 19, 2014

HW Race Let's Go & Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Figure

Before I picked up the Hot Wheels Mega Blocks Ripcord Racers I recently posted about, I'd found this 2013 San Diego Comic Con Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Figure on eBay. I picked him up after realizing the new 2014 Let's Go HW Race car I had was meant to carry the small figures, of which I had none.

I'm sure not all Hot Wheels fans care to have their hobby mixed with Mega Blocks, but as an action figure fan, I'm crazy about the idea! I love these little helmeted race car drivers, as well as the new Hot Wheels Let's Go race car. Mattel announced this past February that it acquired the Canadian-based Mega Brands Inc. for US$460M, so I guess they've felt the marriage of these two brands has been a success.

There are several places on the car to clamp the figure's hands for whatever stunt you'd like him to perform...

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. They have a 70s almost fisher price type vibe but thats a good thing.During my last grocery shopping trip ,I remember seeing some Hot Wheels Monster Trucks that come with cool little figures as well .