Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hot Wheels Mega Bloks Ripcord Racers!

With a coupon from K-Mart, I purchased these Hot Wheels Mega Bloks Ripcord Racers for under $4.50 each, so I took a chance to see what these will do. Check out my new video for a closer look at them in action:

In spite of the myriad of small parts, there wasn't a great deal of assembly to get these Ripcord Racers up and running. The ripcord play feature has been employed by the toy industry for years, my first experience in the '70s, likely with some Evel Knievel motorcycle toy. These work fine, but I really like the small figures included, which will make fun props for my photography and should fit onto a few of the Hot Wheels cars made for them, like the Fig Rig and new Let's Go model. There are also three larger vehicles w/figures that resemble Hot Wheels car models, including a Twinduction, that are tempting to pick up. I've never bought any Mega Bloks toys before, but I do enjoy mini action figures, and it's fun to bring that element into the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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