Monday, July 14, 2014

Hot Wheels City Sets Speedy's Dealership

I won this Hot Wheels Speedy's Dealership for five bucks shipped on eBay! While I wouldn't describe it as massive, it is the largest playset I own, and was too big to photograph from the side using the matboard backdrop I use for my toy photography. This strip of avenue has two buildings, two colorful billboards, and a small carwash on the end featuring a moving platform. Just a few stickers to apply, and parts to snap into place, and you're up and running!

With a few cars added, this playset really comes to life, like a bustling city street!

My favorite feature of the playset is of course the dealership showroom, which features a front window that can be lifted to reveal the Hot Wheels inside- looks like Speedy has a trio of  '71 Dodge Demons on hand currently!

The cars can also be seen through the window from behind the showroom...

Just down the avenue from the dealership, you can hit the ATM before running your wheels through the car wash...

I like the sculpted architectural details on the two buildings on this playset, including the interior that can be seen through the bank windows. The hollow structure can't be accessed from the outside, but it gives the set a certain realism that's fun...

Driving onto the car wash platform, cars can be turned in between the foam rollers using the knob atop the structure's armature... 

Looks like the Hot Wheels Turbo Hauler showed up at Speedy's Dealership with a new shipment of cars... maybe they should have parked in back!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. Can't go wrong for $5! And i always wanted to ask you what you use for your toy pics as far as lighting and backdrops too...Am always looking to approve my own so i like to ask for tips from folks. : )

    1. Your pics are great JBoy! I usually just use a couple drawing table lamps and a matboard backdrop,occasionally a small halogen lamp