Friday, July 11, 2014

'71 Dodge Demons!

Check out these Heat Fleet '71 Dodge Demons, the blue a 2013 release, the purple and orange from 2014! I've collected a lot of more conventional, American muscle cars in the last month, and felt it was time to show some...

The fantastic paint, colors, and double hood scoop on these Demons make for a fantastic trio...

I know those two Backsliders would come in handy...!

These cars are modeled after what was released in '71 as the Demon 340, a name that caused controversy with some religious groups. In truth, the car was originally conceived as "The Beaver", but changed to capitalize on the catch phrase "come in for a Demon-stration". It didn't have a big block type engine like many cars of the period, but could give it's competitors a run for the money weighing in at just 3,165 lbs. (source: StreetLegalTV.Com)

While these aren't really race cars, they roll easily, love the track, and shot off my ramp nicely...

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. These guys look mean! Love that last pic but how many takes to get that shot down right?

    1. I took about fitfteen shots, but that was the second or third if memory serves...