Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hot Wheels City Police Pursuit w/Dodge HWPD & HW Pursuit Cars

I picked up this Hot Wheels City Police Pursuit playset at the some time after I bought the Pit Stop Station, thinking it would be fun to connect the two at some point in the future. They are both small enough to stow away with ease, will make great props for my car photography, and relatively economical. This Police Pusuit folds up pretty tightly, the components hinged to unfold for play, including a diagnostic ramp, front launcher, and exit/escape ramp. The Hot Wheels marquee and communication tower also fold down for storage.

A sticker affixed to the front boasts an included vehicle, which made me curious as other playsets I'd seen or purchased had a picture of the said accessory on the package. Upon peeling the sticker back, a police car was revealed, but when opened I found a Golden Arrow instead. Don't get me wrong- the Golden Arrow is a nice car with a die cast body and undercarriage, and an attractive deco, but a police car would have been more appropriate. Did Mattel run out of cop cars when these were being packaged? At any rate, the Arrow is a fine ride...

The front launcher won't rock your world, and while smaller than the launcher included with my Track Builder Curve Pack, it's functional and mildly smoother to engage with no rubber band to pull back.

Perhaps more fun than the launcher is the rooftop pursuit ramp, dropped by a small lever on the jail's side. I like that the jail awning pulls down to incarcerate the offender...!

As we are reviewing a police station playset for Hot Wheels, which was negligibly bereft of any pursuit cars, I'll bust open my 2013 HW Pursuit and 2014 Dodge Charger Drift HWPD cars to supplement this post. Admittedly, these aren't my favorite color scheme for police cars, but as I recently began collecting Hot Wheels, they were the most current available. I can't collect Hot Wheels without having at least a couple police cars!  They are great little cars however, and look nice together as a pair. I passed on the HW Pursuit until I'd procured the Charger HWPD, being my more favorite of the two...

Now my Hot Wheels police station is adequately manned, and ready to arrest the multitude of speeders in my Hot Wheels car collection...!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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  1. These are so much fun and worth the grab seeing as they included a car.