Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hot Wheels Haul & Race Rig and Turbo Hauler

I already showed you my boxed Turbo Hauler in my June 22nd post, but I also recently scored a Haul & Race Rig on eBay at a good price. The Haul & Race is a 2010 release, and larger Turbo a later 2013 hauler, both with their own merits. I felt they complimented one another, and make fun displays for my cars.

While I've not yet opened enough cars to fill the Turbo Hauler, Mattel boasts it's capacity at forty cars. A slide-out loading ramp of sorts may have been a nice addition, or maybe two- one into the trailer's hull, and one onto the main deck, the top trays left free? I like the that two cars can ride atop the cab, and the red  spokes give the Turbo that great Hot Wheels look! While smaller, the Haul & Race Rig has more play value, with a loading ramp, adjustable middle deck, and fences that swing open on the lower decks...

The real attraction of the Haul & Race Rig is, of course, it's upper deck that swings up into race ramp position, a lever atop for simultaneous release. It's mildly clumsy due only to it's small size, but sturdier than you'd think and a lotsa fun! Best yet, there are slots at the end of the foldout ramp that accommodate track- it's a steep drop, and should make for some good racing in the future!  

The MS-T Suzuka car that came with it has 2000 stamped on the undercarriage, and was released before in a 2012 Heat Fleet 5-pk, but I LOVE IT. Seriously- the magenta body and flamejob down the side, trimmed in yellow to match the windows does it for me. It's a satisfyingly wide car, made more so by the plastic bumpers extending up from the chassis. This Suzuka's white spokes and high spoiler really it sporty, too- I'd buy more of these!

Now it's time to load 'em up and haul 'em out to the race...!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. Great fun Super D! And are there any cars you are on the hunt for outside the Snoopy Hot Rod we talked about? I can keep my eyes out for you for any you need buddy.

    1. No, no... but if you find Snoopy, you should send it to Bubba! :D