Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Hot Wheels Hunting

The July 4th weekend was EPIC Hot Wheels hunting in these parts! With a dozen or more big-box retailers within a fifteen mile radius, there's more ground to cover than can be comfortably squeezed into one day, so I spread it out among three for this 120+ car hunt. Finding some of the latest releases, all the way back to 2011, I nearly doubled my collection in one fun weekend! The '64 Chevy Chevelle SS in black above was really a treat for me, as were the three 2014 ZAMAC Series vehicles below...

I love novelty cars like the new Poppa Wheelie... what fun!

While I haven't really counted, I did find a great deal of red cars I liked- I'm uncertain if that's a preference or if it was just the casting I liked on these, but I do enjoy finding multiple cars in different colors...

I have a sleepy K-Mart at the edge of the county I like to find older models at that also seems to have short card models in abundance, Like this '13 Ford Mustang GT...

An abundance of coupes found their way into my shopping basket over the weekend, including this year's  '12 Ford Fiesta release, and a tattered 2011 Ken Block Fiesta that I could not resist...!

... how about this new '67 Custom Mustang- love that racing blue!

These yellow '11 & '12 Track Stars were found at K-Mart, a find I felt lucky to stumble upon...

...I also felt doubly blessed to find a couple area Wal-Mart stores filthy with these 2014 Corvettes...

Along with all the sports cars, coupes, muscle cars, racers, and novelty cars, I also picked up several trucks over the weekend, including the new So Plowed, Rapid Response, and my favorite, the new Off-Duty! There really were far too many Hot Wheels to show in one post, but I'm sure we'll get to a great deal of them here together here in the coming months- thanks for coming to this happy place!   :)

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. I love that Poppa Wheelie car! And have you ran across the Snoopy Dog House Hot Rod yet? I been on the hunt for one of these for my wife.

    1. No sign of Snoopy in all my hunting! BubbaShelby is on the lookout for him as well :D