Monday, August 11, 2014

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Twinduction

While I wasn't actually thrilled with the Mega Blocks Hot Wheels Ripcord Racers, it did expose me to some of the other HW/MB offerings that piqued my interest, namely these car canisters that can be assembled into popular Hot Wheels models. I'm not a huge Legos/Bloks fan, but these include a Mega Bloks mini racer figure, and are really cool! I'd like to tell you I threw the 63 pieces together in about five minutes, but I'll admit I had to stop and reassemble once before construction was complete, which produced this worthwhile Mega Bloks version of one of my favorite Hot Wheels cars, the Twinduction. This car was also released in blue, and Hot Wheels/Mega Bloks fans can also get sets with the Bone Shaker, Twinduction, Roger Dodger, Bad To the Blade, and 24 Ours cars, among others.

This is a smooth rolling, fun adaptation from Hot Wheels car into Mega Bloks vehicle, featuring a nifty hinged canopy! The snap-on flames behind the side exhaust pipes and beneath the engine scoops are also a nice touch...

The Mega Bloks mini figure included has a cowboy skull tamped on his chest, and a cool flame job on his helmet! He's a little more deluxe with paint apps on the legs and head, like the SDCC Hot Wheels figure, I have...

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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