Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HW Road Rally Hauler

I actually have a couple more of these Hot Wheels Hauler & Race sets that were picked up at Big Lots a couple months ago, but recently found this newer Road Rally release at Target. There were two other new Rock 'N Race car haulers on the pegs as well, but I opted for the Road Rally because of it's upper deck for hauling an additional vehicle...

The car included with the Road Rally set is the Impavido 1, a casting first released in 2008, designed by Phil Riehlman, and is based on a few Lamborghini models (HotWheelsWikia). Like the hauler cab, it's undercarriage is transparent blue plastic...

Not all Hot Wheels will rest in the upper deck of the trailer easily, due to the ridge down the middle, which tends to straddle any chassis too low...

Another minor gripe is the detachable cab, which must be forcefully wrenched from it's trailer- sure, it will stay together down a piece of track, but separating them seemed risky. Do so with care. The orange cab looks great though, it's main shell of diecast metal, grill in vc-metal plastic, and undercarriage/gas tanks in clear blue plastic. The colors on this hauler appeal to me greatly!

I also think I gravitated toward this small hauler due to it's resemblance of the Haul & Race Rig I got back in July, on which the upper deck converts into a racing ramp- love that!

Make It Fast- Make It FUN!


  1. Your collection is really coming along now Colin.

    1. i have, like, four small tubs of cars now :D