Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tonka Metal Vintage Dump Truck & Fire Rescue

In further investigation of more premium diecast cars, I picked up a couple Tonka Metal Series trucks. These seem a little larger that 1:64 scale. but in my exploration of brands beyond Hot Wheels cars, I've seen this ratio flex from brand to brand. While this look large next to Hot Wheels, they look closer in ratio to some others I've seen.

This vintage dump truck is simple, but delightful to behold. The windows are opaque, no interiors to see, but the lifting bed has a hinged tailgate, Tonka Toys stamped in raised lettering onto it...

The bed had some spotty finish issues, as did the rear left wheel, and the front wheels are mounted crooked- quality control wasn't so great. But the cab and bed are diecast metal, giving the truck a satisfying heft, and it's pretty cute overall.

I actually have the largest Tonka truck available to big box retail for comparison, the Toughest Mighty, which I use to hold other toys...

I picked up the Vintage Rescue truck a couple weeks prior, mainly to photograph with some other premium, mid-century car models I picked up around that time. Like dump trucks, I like firetrucks in general, the sculpted appointments on this Vintage Rescue simple but numerous...

Like the vintage dump truck, the firetruck has rubber tires, and dual rear wheels, and rolls more smoothly. I like the hood mounted siren, clear, red beacon atop the cab, and hose wheel in back...

These "young adult" model miniatures by Scene Setters aren't any more in scale with this Tonka than Hot Wheels cars, but they're fun to stand next to these realistic fire truck. "Cole" and "Billy" seem very interested in Fire Rescue...   :D

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. I haven't seen that Fire Truck before but I really like it! There some military style ones I have seen and given some thoughts on buying them.

  2. Very cool!These have an old fashioned almost vintage feel to them.