Monday, September 8, 2014

2013 HW Showroom Cars

There's a K-Mart in the Northwest region of the county that I've collected numerous castings from 2013 and 2012 at, where I recently found what appeared to be new, older stock. I'd been through those pegs at least three or four times, so I'm certain I hadn't missed them- an employee must have uncovered these among stray merchandise in back and put them out. Lucky me.

'92 and '07 Ford Mustangs
I found two of this pair in green, leaving the other for some other lucky duck. I love that Mattel dropped both in complementary decos- wonderful! The '92 has the retro hood design, cueing me to their individuality on the pegs, which I had to inspect more closely to detect...

I actually have quite the garage full of Ford Mustang castings after my summer of collecting Hot Wheels, including this yellow '99 Mustang that came with a HW 3-pack...

1987 Toyota Pickup
I love the wheels on this truck, though the color scheme seems more 1980 than 1987. That opinion matters little next to the nostalgia felt looking at it- what a great piece! The wheels look great in vac-metal, like the undercarriage extending through the bumpers at both ends, and the body graphics are '80s all the way...

'69 Ford Torino Talladega & '70 Chevelle SS Wagon
I love the long and low profile on these two! The Torino's color scheme looks period accurate, and the flat black & yellow on the Chevelle Wagon is really an attention-getter with it's matching rims. Bot cars benefit from their vac-metal bases extending into the front & rear bumpers. Two very cool Hot Wheels cars...

'70 Chevy Chevelle SS
And last, but certainly not least, this bad black beauty! Lots of nice details in the multiple tampos throughout the body and interior, with that irresistible, high-gloss black finish... tough!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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