Saturday, July 15, 2017

HW 3-pk '12 Acura NSX Concept, Audacious, '55 Chevy

I just found the '55 Chevy in this Hot Wheels 3-pk, months after it's 2017 E-Case release, but it's cool enough to have two of, and the matte black '12 Acura NSX Concept and wildly colored Audacious are worth it alone to me. At nearly four dollars, the 3-pks aren't a particularly good value, but I occasionally find one with at least two within worth the trouble. Check out the video:

The Audacious is one of many of my favorite Hot Wheels original, unlicensed models. Designed by Phil Riehlman for the 2003 lineup, the casting changed in 2011, the rear spoiler now part of the body instead of the window (HW Wikia). This change is shown in the photo below, comparing the 3-pk Audacious with the 1st Edition Audacious. I'd seen this red Audacious in a 10-pk recently, but didn't want to throw down a tenner to get it, so I was quite pleased to find it in this 3-pk! I recently posted on the purple 2017 Mystery Models Audacious also pictured below...

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