Sunday, February 22, 2015

HW Speedbox & Rennen Rig

While the Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt castings have eluded me, I have found a few of the regular T-Hunts in my first 9 months of collecting, among them the 2014 Stunt Team Speedbox pictured above, found at a local Shop & Save grocery of all places. I'd already picked up the 2013 "Rettungswagen" Rescue 1st edition, and after finding the red 2015 Nightstorm casting, I knew it was time to photograph them. Check out the video:

This will be a double feature of Drivin' Movies here at the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog, as I also had a trio of Rennen Rigs- a blue and orange 2011 new model, white 2013 HW RACE casting, and last year's Night Storm edition in blue. As you can see, a lot of similarities to the trio of Speedboxes.I'm unsure if 2015 will see another release of this racing truck, but I'm a fan! Check out the Rennen Rig video: 

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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