Tuesday, January 13, 2015

M2 Machines Auto Hauler 1958 Chevrolet LCF Moon Pie Trailer

After shooting the M2 Machines '58 Dodge COE Moon Pie, I had to grab this sweet 1958 Chevrolet LCF Moon Pie Trailer- Love! There were at least a couple other Moon Pie haulers in the series, one with a Dodge Charger Daytona in it I may have passed on once- I do prefer a car hauler, but this Large Cargo Freighter has great graphics on it- check out the video:

The details on the LCF are superior to the COE, or rather manifested by the vac metal finish in the rims, fuel tanks, and grill. It is, however, noticeably more fragile with thin plastic exhaust pipes (smartly attached to the cab) and a somewhat delicately hinged hitch, the latter of which rattled around sadly in the other model on hand at TRU. This beauty will live a quiet life here in the Batcave, where I can have fun stowing 1:64 scale M2 cars in in it's roomy trailer, as demonstrated in the video. This town was filthy with M2 Auto Haulers this past summer, the supply of which has substantially diminished recently- I was smart to pick up a couple when I did, which I hope to show you at some point.

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