Thursday, January 15, 2015

HW 2015 X-Raycers Nerve Hammer & Scion XB

I love Hot Wheels X-Raycers, and probably have about one dozen- colored, transparent plastic appeals to me greatly! In fact, I have three other Nerve Hammer castings, and three X-Raycers Vandetta castings as well. The Scion XB is singular among my collection however... love the gold interior and rims on this...

The blue and green combination is fantastic on the Nerve Hammer...

The orange Nerve Hammer that came with my HW X-Pandables Garage looks good with these...

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there ... I totally agree.
    These color-transparent pieces
    are way way cool. This, coming
    from someone who was turning
    13 years old, when Hot Wheels
    premiered in 1968. Coming from
    someone who also is a customizer.
    Someone who really likes 1:64 scale

    I've chosen 3 designs in this X-Ray
    series, acquired different versions of
    each of the 3, and I'm combining few
    parts of each (different colors) to form
    a new Kuztom variant. Tampos being
    removed. Metal parts being polished
    to a bright shine. Interiors detailing
    being added. And such.

    Once I make enough progress, I'll
    figure out how to to post photos in
    this forum-thread. Or post photos
    in my FB album pages.

    Thank you for sharing your pics.
    CHEERZ ...
    Dreem Dezignz Kuztomz
    ((Palm Beach, FL ))