Friday, December 26, 2014

Matchbox Police Cars- BMW, Ford Mustang & Interceptor

I just love diecast police cars, and have collected a few Matchbox models recently: the BMW X5, '93 Ford Mustang LX SSP with California HWY Patrol tampos, & Police Interceptor in green with a Marshal tampo- initially released misspelled as "Marshall". See my video ...!

The Matchbox CA Highway Patrol cars with my Hot Wheels HWPD Dodge Charger Drift cars- I am particularly fond of black & white deco on my diecast police vehicles. While the Matchbox patrol cars are more realistic, I do love the Chargers...

Also see my November post on the Matchbox Fire & Rescue vehicles  ...!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!


  1. Your fleet of cars are really growing Colin.

    1. indeedy... had to get some more storage cases last night, should be good for awhile ;)