Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 2014 HOT WHEELS eBay Haul

I organize my Hot Wheels collection digitally by "haul", this being the 27th. I'd found a seller with decent combined shipping while on the lookout for more variants of the Asphalt Assault, and decided to picked up a few more that piqued my interest, including but not limited to four Overbored 454 castings. I'd never seen this car, but like the Twinduction, it's blown engine erupting through the hood and American Muscle looks appeal to me greatly. I haven't shown a haul this large all at once, so I thought a little video would make this easier... enjoy:

Pictured above:
*HW Asphalt Assault (2007 Green, 2010 Metallic Orange)
*HW 2012 Twinduction (Dark Orange & Green)
*2012 HW '73 Pontiac Firebird (Brewster Green & Buccaneer Red)
*HW Overbored 454 (2002 Dark Blue, 2003 Light Blue/Green Flames, 2006 Green & Black, and 2009 Dark Orange)
*2005 HW Pocket Bikester (Blue)
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