Thursday, September 25, 2014

HW Cool Classics Camaro, Cougar, & Firebird

I've picked up several of these Cool Classics in the last few months, initially skeptical of the $2.49 price I was asked to pay at Target, but since Wal-Mart charges a dollar more, I went with the former. Plus I get 5% off using the Target card. There is no doubt these are premium Hot Wheels with metal bodies and chassis, awesome Spectrafrost paint, and some even with hinged hoods. Very nice! I feel we deserve Real Rider tires at this price point, but the 5SP wheels are above average and roll like a dream...

The extra paint apps on the door handles, hood pins, and blinker lights really add a lot to the Cool Classics line, and the paint deco on these three are great, the '77 Firebird's being particularly attractive. The '68 Copo Camaro probably has the most eye-catching color in Spectrafrost magenta, but the green '68 Cougar is nothing to sneeze at either, and has the added benefit of a hinged hood. Which is your favorite ...?

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