Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HW Goal Series World Cup Avant Garde

I was correct in my last post that I'd left out one of my new HW Goal Series World Cup cars, the unique and sporty Avant Garde! France only held the championship title once, in 1998, the year it also hosted the international football championship. C'est la vie! This car lives up to it's name, the clear roof like the canopy on some futuristic vehicle, pushing the boundaries of conventional style with it's progressive design.

I'm somewhat happy the Avant Garde was left out of my post on the other HW Goal Series cars, as it's singular appearance demands a closer inspection. This car has been released seven times in the last six years, only one other time with a clear roof, in a 2010 Hot Wheels Valentines 6-pack. This 2014 model is the first time the interior has been any color other than chrome- read more about the Avant Garde at Hot.Wheels.Wikia.Com! 

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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  1. Loving the clear roof! You gotta get those on a race track or open road quick!