Monday, June 30, 2014

HW Goal Series World Cup Cars

Football isn't my favorite pastime or anything, but it's hard to deny the fervor that the World Cup evokes,  surpassing even the Olympics in worldwide followers! I may even have one more HW Goal rolling around here somewhere, and there are a couple others I've seen on the pegs, but these five make my engine purr...

Yur So Fast (representing the Netherlands)

Fast Fish (representing Spain)

Scoopa Di Fuego (representing Mexico)

The Fast Fish may be my favorite of these due to it's vac metal gold interior and red and black body...

Hyundai Genesis Coupe (representing South Korea)

Audacious (representing the Brazil)

While South Korea has never held the championship title, I love this purple coupe!  In contrast, Brazil has taken the Cup five times- more than any other country in the history of the FIFA.  The Audacious was the first of these I picked up, and because of that and it's fantastic design and colors, perhaps my favorite of them all...

See the 2014 Hot Wheels lineup at HotWheels.wikia.Com!

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  1. Scoopia reminds me of a cross between Wheeljack and the Mach-5 lol.

  2. Yes- I was attracted to it's resemblance of the Mach-5!