Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tomica Ranger Tanser, Hitachi Dump, Komatsu Excavator, & Mitsubishi Lancers

From the small Tomica haul Japan Post delivered on Wednesday...

Mitsubishi Lancers:
This Tomica Limited 2-pack features one Polis Lancer, and one Fire Chief deco. These are more detailed than the HED Tomica I've been posting on since my recent obsession took hold. They also have rubber tires. Other features include opening doors and "suspension", like the basic Tomica models... really nice set!

Dream Tomica Ranger Tanser:
Tomica make several larger Hyper Green Ranger Series vehicles with interchangeable parts, lights & sounds, and smaller diecast vehicles with mini action figures. This smaller Tanser has a swivel crane arm that can be pegged into one of two holes atop the 8-wheeled vehicle. Great presentation here ...

Hitachi Rigid Dump Truck EH3500AC II:
A nice & heavy, metal dump truck- pretty simple yet soled presentation, like the old Matchbox Faun. A notched peg under the bed holds it up when engaged. Duallies on back of this great little truck!

Komatsu Excavator PC200-10:
I love how this excavator has two points of articulation and swivel cab, but the rolling rubber tracks really make it great. Sure, it requires more force to roll, but real excavators move slower anyway. Great little piece!

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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