Sunday, March 22, 2015

Matchbox INC Driller Digger, Scraper, & International CXT

The Matchbox line is more generous inclusion of construction & other more realistically themed vehicles than Hot Wheels. I still have a few from childhood, I have far more new Matchbox as an adult than I ever did back then. I love the color presentation on these Matchbox INC vehicles, which unifies them as though they are all from one construction company.

International CXT
There's something about a big International truck we all like... while I'd prefer a chromed grill, I like the presentation overall...

The engine cab turns on this scraper, making it a little more fun to play with...

Drill Digger
Twist the knob atop this Drill Digger and the threads revolve- the drill carriage also lifts...

Matchbox INC Driller Digger, Scraper, & International CXT with the Ground Grinder included in the Construction Zone 5-pack I reviewed back in August... I saw a Matchbox All-Terrain Crane in the INC color scheme in K-Mart a few days ago, but passed on it as I have an orange one.

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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