Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tomica Isuzu Giga Full Trailer Dump

If you are new to the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog, let me first say that I feature several 1:64 scale diecast vehicles here, not only Hot Wheels. And for now, this blog will be not so temporarily overtaken by my latest obsession in the aforementioned category, Tomica! In my previous posts I'd not shown much about how these are packaged, aside from the box, because that's about it, save the clear plastic bags they are inserted into. This Tomica Isuzu Giga Full Trailer Dump had an additional cardboard wedge between the trailers to protect the finish. I love the purple metalflake and cab detail on the front end of on this casting, my only complaint being that the beds don't stay up when engaged, propped up with sticky tack here in my photo. Still, the gates are hinged, so there are four working parts on this rig...

These these cheap little imported vehicles may be commonplace in Asia, but their slight differences are appealingly exotic to my Western eyes. Like Matchbox and Hot Wheels, they have their own style and endearing features, but the working parts make them special.

Make It FAST- Make It FUN!

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